I’ve been working on redesigning this blog for so long now, i wanted something to look like me, and I’m so happy to be able to reveal it to you and to tell you that I’m back to posting blogs of things I’m loving, things I’m feeling and places I’ve been.. My blog was like an old diary that I’ve dusted off and cracked open and I’ve found myself smiling at all the old memories I’ve uncovered. If you’ve been here from the start, then welcome back and my blog has missed you. If you’re new around here then hello, take a seat, grab a hot drink and enjoy the original source of all things “Labrunette"
Well, after high school i integrate a business school ( it's my second year actually), and now i got more free time than before, i mean studies are not that easy but time is way more easy to hundle, so all i needed  to know is how to organize myself, and my schedule.
                                                                                                                          La brunette with love. 

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